a must stop in NYC : New Museum

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這個博物館大概當年已經在各大媒體雜誌被廣泛的介紹到飽和,簡單說,妹島和世西沢立衛SANAA)設計的,不要浪費時間,如果想要看正確又詳細的介紹就自己點來看囉(中文的點這裡,英文的點這裡 ).

話說最近一次去new museum已經是兩年前的事情了…記得繳了$12入場費,喝個咖啡,進了展覽場,展的卻是一些真的很不起眼的作品… (  藝術家們抱歉了 )像是把牛奶盒剪貼變成另一種藝術品…破毛線綁在椅子上…這不是小時候學校勞作課的東西嗎?竟然花錢來看。想想就當成是進來館內觀摩建築的學習費吧。(真是滿頭問號的看展覽…)

New Museum

235 Bowery, New York, NY 10002 | 212.219.1222 View Map

那天是從SOHO走過去( 雖然不遠可是還蠻冷的 ),這張應該是在Prince St.上拍的…慢慢前進可以看到這個可愛的建築物露出一角。

the famous exterior look of building : HELL, YES.

since it is a such cool building, whatever camera you have will be able to take cool pictures. here is the official photo from their website. mine was a bit dark due to the winter time condition plus it was late afternoon when we arrived…

[image courtesy new museum ]

don’t you love the yellow sign right next to the new museum? such a funny contrast.

然後就是我說的喝咖啡的角落… 進博物館先是買票區,然後會經過賣書的地方,左手邊是電梯,繼續走到最後面就是了… 館內空間真的不大.

+ New Food

i love this bubble gum pendant!!! can i buy it? ( i probably can’t afford the price anyway )

love the cup design: very simple yet stylish. though some people have complained that it looks like any other cup design found in stores like IKEA… ouch! it’s not that bad… i think? (only problem is my picture is darn blurry )


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