europan5: before europan10

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architecture / landscape architecture

: 預告:europan10得獎名單出爐了:

i will post more europan 10 results in following days. europan is one of my favorite competitions, and i can’t believe it is their 10th year already- the first europan competition book i got was “5”!!

about europan:

a european international competition divided into five categories: existant, nature, infrastructure,habitat, and programs. the sites are all over the europe countries, and the topics are my best interests: urbanity and density.

here are some of my favorite entries from europan 5 new housing landscape :


architecte- Fanny Perier

Procéder par paliers | Projet lauréat à VILA NOVA DE GAIA – Portugal | architecte- Fanny Perier


Topologie urbaine

Topologie urbaine| Projet lauréat à NAMUR Belgique | architecte – Ulrike Bräuer


Corridor anti-Potemkine

Corridor anti-Potemkine | Projet lauréat à VILLETANEUSE, France | architectes – Caroline Poulin, François Decoster & Djamel Klouche


Appartements jardins _LENZBURG Suisse

Appartements jardins | Projet lauréat à LENZBURG Suisse | architectes – Fabienne Couvert, Guillaume Terver & Xavier Beddock


Hybridization programme-EUROPAN 5

Programme d’hybridation | Projet lauréat à BARACALDO, Espagne | architecte – EDUARDO ARROYO (ES), SERGIO LOPEZ-PIÑEIRO (ES), NEREA CALVILLO (ES)

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