scandinavian mono (1) : cafe tonttu

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scandinavian design

scandinavian mono (1) : cafe tonttu

my friend just brought me some little gifts freshly from tokyo, and i can’t tell you how oh-so-lovely they are!!! this is item #1, cafe tonttu ( mixed berries tea ). i will share item #2 in a following post :)

such a cute package design that i don’t know when will i ever open the pack to taste the tea… oh well. i am sure it will taste as good as it looks.

scandinavian mono (1) : cafe tonttu


“フィンランドの美しい森の中、ちっちゃなトントゥは住んでいます。あるときは森や湖の番人として、またあるときは村の住人達が幸福に暮らせるように火事や病気から守ったりして。” …tonttu are the gnomes who lives in beautiful finland forest. (tonttu is “gnome” in finnish)

a great package design definitely is the first step of a successful marketing.

stay tuned for item #2!

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