not your typical green wall : mfo park

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landscape architecture


photo courtesy of Raderschall Landschaftsarchitekten AG 

* update: this post is so popular since first posted in 2009, i decided to update the images and text to keep this post more informative & relevant. the project is too good to be shared in only two or three images! every time if someone at work ask me “do you know any project that use cable system with vine climbing/covering? “, i always refer to MFO park in zurich, a winning competition entry and collaboration between Burckhardt + Partner AG (architects) and Raderschall Landschaftsarchitekten AG (landscape architects). the project was completed back in 2001-2002 and ever since it remains one of my favorite urban parks.

not only this project have nice cable design ( the cable system are also designed to prevent the vine climb over to the main structure & walkways), details like corten steel planters and wooden lounge chairs are pretty awesome as well. plus it is constructed from a former area of the engine factory “Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon” that park named after. it is always nice to see old site has new life!
✚ plan, elevations and (beautiful) visualization mfo park_zurich_plan_elevation

mfo park_zurich_elevation

mfo park_zurich_collage

all drawings courtesy of Raderschall Landschaftsarchitekten AG

✚ within the 6 floor high vertical structure, the horizontal elements like corten steel planters, wooden lounge chairs & benches, and linear planting hedge, help to define some more intimate and human scale space. mfo park_zurich_3 Raderschall-Landschaftsarchitekten-AG-MFO-Park-014_lounge chairs

photos courtesy of Raderschall Landschaftsarchitekten AG image via architonic


photo courtesy of Raderschall Landschaftsarchitekten AG

✚ cable design:  jakob rope system is used through out the park. Raderschall-Landschaftsarchitekten-AG-MFO-Park-017_architonic

image via architonic

mfo park_zurich_4

mfo park_zurich_5 mfo park_zurich_1

mfo park_zurich_2

photos courtesy of raderschallpartner

✚ the park offers flexibility for varied size of events, even a movie night ! has the flexibility to accommodate different groups of activities and events – passive or active programs – is always the top consideration for a urban park design. this also brings positive social engagement in the neighborhood scale.


image via architonic

you can view more project images via burckhardt+partner AG,  architonic, tensile design & construct,  and even on houzz!

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