affordable housing (2)

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architecture / landscape architecture

[vildroase project| images courtesy CPHX ]

here we come, the “affordable housing part 2” ! first of first, here’s a awesome website CPHX:

Copenhagen X is a project of the Danish Architecture Centre funded by a partnership between Realdania, Frederiksberg Municipalityand the City of Copenhagen. from infrastructure to urban space to housing projects, cphx provided excellent examples of how a energetic city can be. ”

back to our affordable housing topic, today i am sharing two cases : one from seattle, united states, and one from copenhagen, denmark.

+ case study 1: High Point 西雅圖,美國

社區設施包括有西雅圖公共圖書館分部( branch of Seattle Public Library ),健康中心(health center ),兒童遊樂場(playground),鄰近有餐廳,golf course, 距離市中心近…等等等等。還有,綠設施(Green Features )包括自然排水系統 (Natural drainage system)可以在雨水進入當地的河川前幫助過濾; 本地生植物(native planting)需要較少的水量所以可以節省澆水的花費;街道以及人行道使用具滲透性(porous paving) 鋪面,幫助地表自然吸收水分;減少工程廢料;以及使用磚,塑膠木(plastic lumber),節省自然資源…等等等等。



Highpoint_3[images courtesy of]

+ case study 2: Affording Housing Project by ONV Arkitekter in cooperation with architects Tegnestuen Mejeriet, Copenhagen, Denmark

“The 12 terraced houses at Karens Minde in southwest Copenhagen are quite unique. Not for their distinctive architecture, or for their particularly interesting internal layout, but because they are the first batch representing the City of Copenhagen’s ambition to build Affordable Housing.”

[vildroase project| images courtesy CPHX ]

shared courtyard, large windows, compact and efficient interior space is nothing revolution but  introduce positive impact to both residents and environment. most affordable housing here in united states always intend to emphasize the concept of “even you’re living in affordable house, front porch, private back yard, even garage won’t be impossible.” which, seem against the reason why you’re staying in a affordable house, a living style tends to be more frugal and space-conscious.

not to mention the design should be efficient and programs should be flexible.

不懂的是,為什麼美國的affordable housing似乎總是要強調你可以以小錢買到大房子,車庫、前院後院、porch (前廊),啥都有…相較於美國的超值餐(value combo),歐洲似乎比較在意空間的有效利用,可不可以節能,諸如此類的aspect。至於大院子大車庫兩樓大華宅應該就是留給真正可以負擔的人吧。( 有時候這些美國的低收入住宅的水電是免費的,於是造成夏天吹冷氣也開窗冬天在家穿短褲開暖氣,水開了就不知道要關,相當不環保)

這些affordable housing設計用意都是相當好,也是為了要幫助這些無法負擔起買房子的家庭可以給下一代更好的生長環境,只是要怎樣發揮它最大的作用而不是只是被動的提供一個居留處(shelter)也許會更樂見…

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