beyond wallpaper : from domestic

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design / graphic & branding design


Flora and fauna 2 red  [designed by Tado ]

check out domestic” run by stéphane arriubergé and massimiliano iorio, Domestic introduces collections of objects designed by designers, graphic artists and artists gathered around innovating and new concepts and themes. All these objects have the particularity of offering an area where the end user can intervene and be free in the creation process”.

warning: make sure you have enough white wall at home, because their super cute collection makes you want to have them all! here are some of my favorite picks:  ( i know- i almost grabbed the whole collection)

Sugar bomb

[designed by Tado ]
Blossom blue
[ designed by Tado ]
Willow Tree
[ designed by Tado ]
Rolitoland Secret place
[ designed by Rolito ]
i love rolito…
got three toys designed from rolito.
Bubble Gum
[ designed by Rolito ]
besides wallpaper, the playful graphic can be applied on plates as well.
Love messages
[designed by Geneviève Gauckler ]
*all images courtesy
now, i need plenty of white walls!!

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